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Game Night

"There’s nothing like a bit of unhealthy competition between friends when you’re waiting out the apocalypse."

The Kvetch Set present their latest short film - Game Night!

Featuring Cooper George Amai, Debbie Zukerman, Alana Hicks, Raphael Stephens, Jorjia Gillis and Chris Attrill.

Directed by Penelope Berkemeier
Written by Chris Attrill
Produced by Gita Irwin
Co-Produced by Alana Hicks and Raphael Stephens


The Kvetch Set was created in 2012 by these two loose cannons.

Alana Hicks

Alana Hicks

Writer / Director / Producer

Raphael Stephens

Raphael Stephens

Writer / Director / Producer

Since founding The Kvetch Set in 2012, Alana and Raph have provided opportunities for development and experience for no fewer than 54 emerging digital media makers, from writers, video editors and composers, to performers and production crew. Raph and Alana are proud to have seen many of the Kvetch contributors go on to get steady work in the arts industry. The Kvetch Set vision is to bring together talented, passionate and dedicated people and allow great writing to manifest into great videos.


Sketch comedy videos, live sketch comedy shows and a digital series about a baby.

Jorjia Gillis and Chris Attrill

Game Night

A short film

Bec Melrose, Dominic Witkop & Suz Mawer

The Office at The End

A live, sketch comedy show

Mark of the Beach

A short film

The Office at The End of the World

A live, sketch comedy show

Debbie Zukerman

Amnesty International Australia: Snail Mail

Branded content for the Australian Marriage Equality "Yes" campaign

The Kvetch Team in 2017

The Kvetch Set:
Series 1, 2 and 3

A sketch comedy video series

Seaton Kay Smith and Baby

Baby wants to know

A digital comedy series

Raphael Stephens

Traffic Street

A live comedy

Pericles and The Harpy

Pericles and The Harpy

An animated digital series

About The Kvetch Set

"What's a name that will be really hard for people to Google?"

  • Alana Hicks and Raphael Stephens in February 2012

    December 2011

    A Kvetch is hatched

    Alana suggested to Raph that they should organise a bunch of funny writers and actors to produce an online, sketch comedy series. Raph thought it was a great idea.
    They've been doing it ever since.

  • Dancestitute


    The Kvetch Set:
    Series One

    After gathering a motley crew of collaborators, Alana and Raph settled on the name The Kvetch Set Sketch Collective because it would be very hard to google. The team spent most of 2012 writing thirty or so silly scripts, recording them with whatever cameras they could borrow and then uploading them on to ye olde net.

  • The Kvetch crew


    The Kvetch Set:
    Series Two

    As with any free-love collective, some people moved on to get real jobs. However they were quickly replaced by new writers, actors and weirdos who were drawn to the darkly seductive world of online sketch comedy videos.

  • Baby

    2014 - 2015

    Baby Wants To Know

    After a hiatus to have an actual baby, Alana and Raph decide to make a talk show-themed digital series starring their offspring.
    Being a baby, the poor little guy had absolutely no say in the matter.

  • Alana Hicks directing Traffic Street

    September 2015

    Traffic Street

    At Sydney Fringe Festival in 2015, the team wrote, produced and performed Traffic Street, a live comedy about Sydney being destroyed by Westconnex and all the population being forced to live in their cars. And a talking sourdough loaf for some reason. Blame Penny for that one.

  • Early 2017 photo of The Kvetch Set crew

    2016 - 2017

    The Kvetch Set:
    Series Three

    Honestly this year was a bit of a blur. But we did work with a whole bunch of new collaborators and created a heap of new online sketches! At least I think it was us.

  • September 2017

    The Office at The End of the World

    At Sydney Comedy Fringe Festival, The Kvetch Set performed a live sketch comedy show, loosely based around the concept of an office continuing to function after the world has ended.

  • Kilian David and Chris Attrill

    May 2018

    The Office at The End

    In 2018 the Sydney Comedy Festival hosted The Kvetch Set's "The Office at the End" - an entirely new show of live sketch comedy but with an old name. We are geniuseses.

  • Cooper George Amai and Debbie Zukerman


    Game Night

    A short film written by Chris Attrill and directed by Penelope Berkemeier, "Game Night" was Originally performed as part of our 2017 live show. Co-produced by Gita Irwin and the Kvetch Set, the short won a slew of awards which then gave us the opportunity to use the word "slew" on this website. Mission accomplished.

  • An orange sun sets on a ruined city


    Last Monday
    Teaser series

    Last Monday is The Kvetch Set's latest web series - an office comedy set immediately after an unspecified climate change catastrophe. We produced this teaser against the appropriately horrifying backdrop of the 2020 Australian bushfires and the first wave of the Coronavirus / COVID19 pandemic. So... grimly topical.

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